Tell Qaramel (Syria), 2009

Tell Qaramel (Egypt)

Dates of work: 29 March-12 May 2009

Directors: Associate professor Ryszard F. Mazurowski (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw), Dr. Youssef Kanyou, anthropologist (DGAM Damascus, National Museum Aleppo)
Archaeologists: Qaies Abbout George (DGAM Damascus, National Museum Aleppo), Marcin Białowarczuk (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw), Joanna Gawrońska (freelance), Artur Grabarek (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
Student trainees: Ewa Cygan, Aneta Czubińska, Bartłomiej Paprocki, Julita Rękawek (all from the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw), Hamza Salim Ibrahim Mohammad (Aleppo University)
Photographer: Piotr Piwowarski (freelance)

The deepest levels of Protoneolithic occupation were explored in Squares J-7b,d and K-7 during the 11th season of excavations on the site of Tell Qaramel. The oldest structure (Loc. 71), possibly of Epipaleolithic date, discovered so far proved to be a kind of oval hut with a round central hearth and a foundation deposit concealed nearby. Further exploration of squares L-5 and L-4/M-4 concentrated on layers from the Late and Middle Pre-Pottery Neolithic A. Finds represented different material categories, including a clay sun-dried human figure.

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R.F. Mazurowski: