• House purchased for the PCMA UW Research Centre in Cyprus

    Late September this year, the purchase of premises in Paphos for the Research Centre in Cyprus of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw was completed. The establishment of the Research Centre will facilitate the operations of Polish archaeological expeditions that have been working in the city for more than half a century. […]

  • The UW emergency initiatives for Ukraine

    Many actions have been organized at the University of Warsaw in aid of refugees from Ukraine. They include collections of, among others, food and basic necessities. Free legal aid is also available. Students, doctoral candidates and employees of the University of Warsaw join actions to help the Ukrainian community. This support is provided both to […]

  • PCMA Seminar: From onlookers to devotees. Exploring dynamics of participation in Vignale, Italy

    In October, the second edition of PCMA Seminars will focus on methodologies and practice of collaborative archaeology with case studies from Italy, Egypt and Poland. The first lecture in the “Heritage Month” series will be “From onlookers to devotees: Exploring dynamics of participation in Vignale, Italy” presented by Dr. Francesco Ripanti (Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin). […]

  • PCMA project at European Research & Innovation Days

    As part of the European Research and Innovation Days, Dr Tomomi Fushiya from PCMA will take part in a panel discussion organized by the European Research Council (ERC). It will represent the project „Umma – the community of a Medieval African capital city” financed by the ERC grant. The PI of this project, Dr hab. […]

  • Archaeo-Oriental Studies Seminar: “Archaeometric Research in Egypt”

    At the next seminar by the Archaeo-Oriental Studies Research Group at the University of Warsaw, Dr. Anna Wodzińska, head of the PCMA Research Station in Cairo, will give a talk “Archaeometric Research in Egypt”. Abstract: “Traditional archaeology is based on field research, documentation of the excavated finds and descritpion of their historical background. Although this […]

  • PCMA Seminar: 2nd “Heritage Month” series

    In the coming month, the PCMA Seminars will focus on collaborative archaeology and heritage studies. The second “Heritage Month” series focuses on methodologies through case studies from different social contexts. The aim of the “Heritage Month” organized by Dr. Tomomi Fushiya (PCMA UW) is to introduce archaeologists and students to different approaches and practices of […]