• Second ERC grant for Artur Obłuski and the PCMA UW

    The European Research Council has awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant to Dr. Artur Obłuski’s project “Afropolis Tungul: Urban biography of a cosmopolitan African capital”. The project will be based at the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw. PCMA UW is also home to Dr. Obłuski’s first ERC grant, an ERC Starting Grant awarded […]

  • Lecture on non-invasive research in archaeology by Prof. Martina Seifert

    Prof. Martina Seifert will present an open lecture “Cities and Harbours. Non-invasive research in Archaeology at the University of Hamburg”. Abstract: “Since 2012, the University of Hamburg has a teaching and research focus in the field of non-invasive fieldwork and prospecting. In recent years, a digital research environment has been increasingly developed for these projects. […]

  • Roof completed over the Church of Archangel Raphael in Old Dongola

    Working at an archaeological site not only includes excavations but also preserving its heritage. This is especially important at sites with noteworthy artwork, such as Old Dongola in Sudan, where there are several sacred buildings with preserved wall paintings. In December 2022, a replacement roof over the 9th-century Church of Archangel Raphael was completed there […]

  • Job offer: post-doc in the AFRIPAL project

    The Director of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology University of Warsaw announces a competition for the position of an adjunct (post-doc) in the project “(Reading) African Palimpsest. The dynamics of urban and rural communities of Numidian and Roman Mustis (AFRIPAL)”, NCN nr 2020/37/B/HS3/00348-OPUS 19. A postdoctoral researcher specialising in the study of Roman urbanism […]

  • The UW emergency initiatives for Ukraine

    Many actions have been organized at the University of Warsaw in aid of refugees from Ukraine. They include collections of, among others, food and basic necessities. Free legal aid is also available. Students, doctoral candidates and employees of the University of Warsaw join actions to help the Ukrainian community. This support is provided both to […]

  • Karol Piasecki (1952–2023)

    With the passing of Prof. Karol Piasecki, the archaeological community has lost an outstanding personality and a versatile scholar working in physical and historical anthropology and American studies, but also a skilled ornithologist and local guide. Piasecki graduated from the Department of Biology at the University of Warsaw but his doctoral dissertation was already devoted […]