• Karol Piasecki (1952–2023)

    With the passing of Prof. Karol Piasecki, the archaeological community has lost an outstanding personality and a versatile scholar working in physical and historical anthropology and American studies, but also a skilled ornithologist and local guide. Piasecki graduated from the Department of Biology at the University of Warsaw but his doctoral dissertation was already devoted […]

  • Limes Congress 2024: Call for sessions

    The website for the 26th International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies has been launched with a Call for Sessions for the event which will be held in 2024 in Batumi (Georgia). The Congress is co-organized by the University of Warsaw’s Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology and Faculty of Archaeology together with the Cultural Heritage Protection […]

  • PCMA Seminar: Middle and Late Roman cooking pottery from Nea Paphos. New data on old pottery

    The first of this year’s PCMA Seminars will host a talk (in Polish) by Dr. Kamila Nocoń: “Middle and Late Roman cooking pottery from Nea Paphos. New data on old pottery”. Abstract: “The presentation aims to present an ongoing project on the production and consumption of Middle and Late Roman cooking pottery from Nea Paphos. […]

  • Registration for UW students to “Introduction to Heritage Studies”

    University of Warsaw students are invited to register for a general university subject taught by Dr Tomomi Fushiya of the PCMA UW. The second round of registration begins on 24 January. [EN] „Introduction to Heritage Studies” – summer semester 2022/23, 30h, 3 ECTS, subject code: 4001-HERSTU-OG Dr Tomomi Fushiya Description of the course: It approaches […]

  • Archaeo-Oriental Studies Seminar: “People of power in the bioarchaeological perspective”

    At the next seminar by the Archaeo-Oriental Studies Research Group at the University of Warsaw, Dr. Robert Mahler (PCMA UW) will give a lecture: “People of power in the bioarchaeological perspective”. Abstract: “The lecture will explore the current possibilities of studying people of power and their subjects through the remains of their bodies from archaeological […]

  • Job offer: architect in the “Kyriakós oíkos?” project

    The Director of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw announces a competition for the position of adjunct with a PhD degree in the NCN SONATA BIS 11 project no. 202142/E/HS3/00381 titled “Kyriakós oíkos? A diachronic conceptualization of space and function in medieval Nubian churches”. The project seeks an architect with […]