• PCMA Seminar: Isotopes? What are they about

    The PCMA Seminar series hosted a talk by Dr. Robert Stark “Isotopes? What are they about”. It was an introductory presentation, aimed at PCMA UW staff, on the use of isotopes in bioarchaeological analyses. This presentation was intended to familiarize researchers with what isotope research entails and how this methodology can be integrated into archaeological […]

  • Prime Minister’s Award for Artur Obłuski

    Among this year’s laureates of the Prime Minister’s Awards is Assist. Prof. Artur Obłuski of the PCMA UW. He was distinguished in the category of “highly acclaimed scientific achievements providing the basis for habilitation degree”. The award was granted for the monograph The Monasteries and Monks of Nubia, described as “an outstanding work: the proof […]

  • PAM Journal with a new submission system

    The annual Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean is now using an Open Journal System to manage article submissions. Papers can be submitted on a continuous basis. PAM’s OJS is available at Articles meeting standards set out in the PAM guidelines for manuscripts and illustrative materials can now be submitted directly (see Instructions for PAM […]

  • Ryszard Sobolewski (1937-2021)

    We were saddened to learn of the death of Ryszard Sobolewski, an architect who worked at our Research Centre in Cairo and participated in many research projects in Africa and the Middle East. Ryszard Sobolewski worked as an architect at the Research Centre in Cairo in the first half of the 1970s. At that time, […]

  • PCMA Seminar: Handmade Islamic-period pottery from Bilād al-Shām

    In the PCMA Seminar series Dr. Piotr Makowski will present a lecture “Towards a better understanding of the chronological and geographical distribution patterns of plain and painted handmade wares in Bilād al-Shām”. Abstract: “For nearly the entire span of the Islamic period plain and painted handmade wares were immutable components of cultural and communal identity […]

  • Job offer – collaborative archaeology

    The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology is currently seeking a person to assist in implementing “collaborative archaeology”. The selected person will be an assistant to Dr Tomomi Fushiya, who is responsible at PCMA UW for developing and implementing collaborative programmes with local communities in the PCMA’s research countries. The cooperation will concern programmes for Lebanon […]