Stypendia 2008/2009

Holders of scholarships and special grants in Egypt and Poland


The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Poland grants ten- and five-month scholarships for the academic year to candidates from the field of archaeology and history of the Near East, Egypt and Sudan: doctoral candidates researching their dissertation and senior-year students working on their MA thesis.

10-month scholarships:
  • Ms Mariola Krasuska, doctoral candidate (Catholic University in Lublin)
    subject: Autobiographical inscriptions of state dignitaries of the First Intermediate period and Middle Kingdom. Studies on the archaeological context, construction and value as sources for historical studies
  • Ms Agata Kozakow, MA (National Museum in Warsaw)
    subject: Studies on ritual representations in Theban temples of the New Kingdom
  • Ms Katarzyna Lach, MA (Jagiellonian University, Institute of Archaeology graduate)
    subject: Ancient Roman numismatics
  • Mr. Aliaksei Shukanau, doctoral candidate (Warsaw University, Institute of Archaeology)
    subject: Funerary architecture of the Old Kingdom
5-month scholarships:
  • Ms Olga Białostocka, doctoral candidate (Research Center for Mediterranean Archaeology, Polish Academy of Sciences)
    subject: The position of the king within chapels of the Royal Cult in Temples of a Million Years in the New Kingdom
  • Ms Aleksandra Brzozowska, MA, doctoral candidate (Wrocław University of Technology)
    subject: Selected sea and river harbors of Ancient Egypt
  • Mr. Karol Juchniewicz, MA, doctoral research (Warsaw University, Institute of Archaeology)
    subject: History and architecture of the Palmyra fortifications compared to other cities of the Roman East
  • Ms Anna Longa, MA, doctoral research (Jagiellonian University, Institute of Archaeology, Kraków)
    subject: The cultural situation of Nubia from the 4th to the mid-3rd millennium BC
  • Ms Magdalena Pinker, student (Warsaw University, Oriental Studies Faculty)
    subject: Architecture and art of Islam (specially medieval Alexandria in Egypt)
  • Ms Monika Różańska, MA (Jagiellonian University, Institute of Archaeology graduate)
    subject: Research on the processes of urban transformation from Hellenistic to Islamic times
  • Ms Joanna Sulewska, student (Warsaw University, Institute of Archaeology)
    subject: Monasteries and pilgrims in the Sinai and Negev in the 4th-6th centuries
  • Mr. Łukasz Wojnarowicz, MA (Warsaw University, Institute of Archaeology graduate)
    subject: Research on Predynastic Egypt, trade issues


Special PCMA documentation grants (12 months):
  • Ms Agnieszka Kowalska, MA
    subject: Saqqara, documentation of material from the excavations (Supervisor: Prof. K. Myśliwiec)
  • Mr. Szymon Maślak, MA
    subject: Naqlun, digitizing and processing of architectural documentation from the 1980s and 1990s for final publication (Supervisor: Prof. W. Godlewski)
  • Ms Joanna Michalska, student (Warsaw University, MISH)
    subject: Nea Paphos, processing old excavation documentation for the archives (Supervisor: Dr. H. Meyza)