Deir el Bahari: Temple of Tuthmosis (Egipt), 2009

Deir el-Bahari: Temple of Tuthmosis III (Egypt)

Dates of work: 8 November–15 December 2009

Director: Dr. Monika Dolińska, egyptologist (National Museum in Warsaw)
SCA representative: Abdelghani Abdel Rahman Mohamed
Egyptologist: Janina Wiercińska (National Museum in Warsaw)
Photographer: Zbigniew Doliński (National Museum in Warsaw)
Documentalist: Marek Puszkarski (PCMA)
Conservators: Zbigniew Godziejewski, Joanna Lis (both National Museum in Warsaw)

Continued studies of fragmentary reliefs from the Tuthmosis III temple in Deir el-Bahari, now in storage on the site, were the focus of two seasons of work in 2008 and 2009. This led to theoretical reconstructions of a number of scenes, the documentation of several blocks was revised and supplemented with previously unobserved detail, and a study of the decoration of the east wall of the Hypostyle Hall and the walls and jambs around and above the various inner doorways in the temple was carried out. Extensive re-photographing of the blocks was continued, as was the digitizing of extant documentation and its verification. Storeroom improvements, including new lighting, will ensure better work conditions in the future, as well as proper storage conditions for the reliefs.

[Text: PAM]

M. Dolińska: