Deir el Bahari: Temple of Tuthmosis (Egipt), 2010


Dates of work: 28 October – 12 December 2010

Director: Dr. Monika Dolińska (National Museum in Warsaw)
SCA representative: Nafesa El Azab Mohamed Ahmed
Egyptologists: Piotr Czerkwiński (PhD candidate, Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw), Janina Wiercińska (National Museum in Warsaw)
Photographer: Zbigniew Doliński (National Museum in Warsaw)
Architect: Mariusz Caban (PhD candidate, Wrocław Technical University)
Documentalist: Marek Puszkarski (PCMA)
Student-trainee: Filip Taterka (Institute of Archaeology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)

The season’s work was devoted to documenting, both in drawing and in photographs, of further scenes for the ongoing project of virtual reconstruction of the walls. It resulted in virtual photomontages, a drawing reconstruction of the Hall’s western wall and 3D models of three temples. Planned conservation of the remaining stone blocks from the sanctuary wall needed to be re-scheduled for the following year. Still, limited work with the material allowed for the identification of fragments of both the eastern and the western entrance into the Bark Hall, including fragments that had been cut off during the widening of the granite portal. Inventorying of small finds was also carried out.

[Text: PAM]

M. Dolińska: