Dakhleh Oasis (Egipt), 2008

Dakhleh Oasis (Egypt)

Petroglyph Unit, Rock Art Research

Survey dates: Double campaign, 28 January–14 February and 29 November–9 December 2008

Coordinator: Prof. Michał Kobusiewicz (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznań branch)
Team: Eliza Jaroni (Archaeological Museum in Poznań), Ewa Kuciewicz (Archaeological Museum in Poznań), Anna Longa (Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University, Kraków)

Continued surveying of the ‘Painted Wadi’ for rock art by the Petroglyph Unit brought the total of recorded and documented sites to 60, confirming the overall pattern of occurrence observed in previous seasons. An elephant image was recorded, among others, only the second engraving of this animal known from the oasis. A new area selected for the survey southwest of Taneida proved rich in rock art, but almost completely devoid of prehistoric petroglyphs.

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M. Kobusiewicz: kobusiewicz@iaepan.poznan.pl
E. Kuciewicz: yevka@interia.pl