Dakhleh Oasis (Egipt), 2009

Dakhleh Oasis (Egypt)

Petroglyph Unit

Dates of work: 27 November-5 December 2009

Coordinator: Prof. Michał Kobusiewicz (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznań branch)
Archaeologists: Ewa Kuciewicz, Eliza Jaroni (both Archaeological Museum in Poznań), dr. Andrzej Rozwadowski, Eliza Palka (both Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)

The Petroglyph Unit, which is part of the international interdisciplinary Dakhleh Oasis Project (DOP ), carried out investigations in the Central Oasis in 2009, discovering six new rock art sites. The sites were recorded to the extent permitted by the short season. Sites 21/08 and 22/08, noted in the 2007 season, were documented thoroughly.

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M. Kobusiewicz: kobusiewicz@iaepan.poznan.pl
E. Kuciewicz: yevka@interia.pl