PAM 28/1

  • Volume 28/1: Special Studies (Warszawa 2019)

    Ancient lamps from Spain to India. Trade, influences, local traditions

    PAM Editor-in-chief: Iwona Zych

    1234–5415 (Print), 2083–537X (Online)

    • Volume editor:
      Laurent Chrzanovski and Iwona Zych
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      Bibliographic editor:
      Aleksandra Zych
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      Agata Czamara and Iwona Zych
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      Iwona Zych
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      Ewa Czyżewska-Zalewska

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      Jan Kurzawa for PCMA
      Konrad Krajewski

      Printed in Poland

Tibi diem natalem felicem optamus, Marielle! Tribute to Marielle Martiniani-Reber on her 65th anniversary.

Autor: Laurent Chrzanovski, Sylvie Aballea, Gael Bonzon, Amale Boujouala, Corinne Borel, Nicole Liaudet, Gabriella Lini

The popularity of the Ricci C wheel-made lamps in southeastern Sicily: questions and hypotheses

Autor: Laurent Chrzanovski, Roksana Chowaniec

Roman wheel-made lamps from Carthago Nova: an illuminating cult vessel?

Autor: Alejandro Quevedo

The lamp from Kortina near Koper and other bronze lamps of the Adria type

Autor: Andrej Preložnik

Late antiquity: the twilight of mould-made lamps

Autor: Ioannis Motsianos

Mola asinaria and mola jumentaria, or the representations of „Pompeii” type grain millstones on imperial lamps.

Autor: Claudio Malagoli

Isiac lamps from Alexandria and other provinces: some comparisons

Autor: Jean-Louis Podvin

Decorative motifs on oil lamps from Grimm’s 1973 excavations in Alexandria

Autor: Heba Abdel Wahed Sayed

Lamps with a „temple facade” decoration—witness to urban vitality in the North and West Black Sea and the ties with Constantinople

Autor: Laurent Chrzanovski, Denis Zhuravlev, Florin Topoleanu

A Theotokos lamp from Antioch in the Hatay Archaeology Museum (southeastern Turkey)

Autor: Ergun Lafli, Maurizio Buora

Floating wicks without metal

Autor: Dorina Moullou, Karen Garnett

Ceramic production in Roman-age Puglia: lychnological contexts

Autor: Custode Silvio Fioriello

Tripolitan oil lamps found at Aquileia

Autor: Diana Dobreva, Sabrina Zago

An „achtformige” bronze lamp from Ptuj/Poetovio

Autor: Alexandra Nestorović, Laurent Chrzanovski

A late Roman oil lamp from Ajdovščina–Castra

Autor: Ana Kovačič

Lamps from the foundation pits (fossae) of the principia in the Roman fortress of Novae (Bulgaria)

Autor: Laurent Chrzanovski

Terracotta lamps from Metropolis (Ionia): typological assessment

Autor: Eda Güngor Alper

Roman lamp from the Ἀρχέπολις workshop and other late antique lamps from Burial House 1/2007 in the Harbour Necropolis of Ephesus

Autor: Marina Ugarković

Local globular lamps with cylindrical spout from Cilicia and southeastern Turkey

Autor: Ergun Lafli, Maurizio Buora

Local lamp production in the western Pontic region: the case of lamps of type Hayes 9

Autor: Florin Topoleanu

Some Hellenistic and late Roman terracotta lamps in the Sinop Archaeological Museum in northern Turkey

Autor: Gülseren Kan Şahín, Eray Aksoy

Byzantine-period lamps from Antioch-on-the-Orontes and its vicinity

Autor: Ani Eblighatian

Lamps from the temenos of Allat in Palmyra

Autor: Maria Krogulska, Iwona Zych

Terracotta oil lamps from the excavation at Chantier Bey 004

Autor: Maha El Masri

Two unpublished terracotta oil lamps from Marina el-Alamein in Egypt

Autor: AbdelBaset Ali AbdelFattah Saad AbdelFattah Saad

The Forcart Collection of lamps from Fayum

Autor: Laurent Chrzanovski

Terracotta oil-lamps from the Theban region (Egypt) in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York

Autor: Aleksandra Pawlikowska-Gwiazda

Indo-Roman lamps from Ter, Maharashtra. The long shadow of Rome or the light of transculturation?

Autor: Serena Autiero