Seminarium „Archeoorientalistyki”: „Nubian Authorities in Painted Church Decoration”

Zespół Archeoorientalistyki ponownie zaprasza na seminarium, podczas którego dr hab. Dobrochna Zielińska wygłosi wykład „Nubian Authorities in Painted Church Decoration”.

Abstrakt: „Monumental representations of Nubian authorities are one of the most characteristic features of Nubian art. This tradition has been also continued in Medieval Nubia and portrait representations of the most important figures for the kingdom of Makuria became part of the iconographical programme in Nubian churches.

This presentation will be an overview of monuments where such representations are preserved. Also places in the sacral interiors where these portraits were located will be discussed, as well as the character of these representations. The state of research on this topic will be presented, as well as the analysis that initiated a new project developed at the University of Warsaw.”

Seminarium odbędzie się w poniedziałek, 9 maja o godzinie 11.30 na platformie Zoom:

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