PAM 20


  • Volume XX: Research 2008 (Warsaw 2011)

    Volume editor: Iwona Zych

    Assistant editors: Agnieszka Szymczak, Aleksandra Zych

    1234–5415 (Print), 2083–537X (Online)
    636 (B&W and color illustrations)
    Marina el-Alamein, Egypt. View of the main town square with restored columns in the south portico (Photo P. Zambrzycki)

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      Iwona Zych
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      Iwona Zych, Katarzyna Bartkiewicz
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      Szymon Maślak, Marta Momot, Marek Puszkarski, Łukasz Rutkowski

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      Printed in Poland

Alexandria: Kom el-Dikka excavations and preservation work. Preliminary report 2007/2008

Author: Grzegorz Majcherek
Full Text (PDF)

The Islamic graveyard on Kom el-Dikka in Alexandria. Excavation season 2007/2008

Author: Emanuela Kulicka
Full Text (PDF)

Glass from Area F on Kom el-Dikka (Alexandria). Excavations 2008

Author: Renata Kucharczyk
Full Text (PDF)

Numismatic finds from Kom el-Dikka (Alexandria), 2008

Author: Adam Jegliński
Full Text (PDF)

Marea: excavations 2008

Author: Hanna Szymańska, Krzysztof Babraj
Full Text (PDF)

Marea 2008: Pottery from excavations

Author: Anna Drzymuchowska
Full Text (PDF)

Marina el-Alamein. Polish–Egyptian Restoration Mission: Conservation work in 2008

Author: Stanisław Medeksza, Rafał Czerner with Grażyna Bąkowska, Wiesław Grzegorek, Renata Kucharczyk, Joanna Lis and Piotr Zambrzycki
Full Text (PDF)

Tell el-Retaba 2008: Excavations and geophysical survey

Author: Sławomir Rzepka, Jozef Hudec, Tomasz Herbich
Full Text (PDF)

Tell el-Retaba 2008: the pottery

Author: Anna Wodzińska
Full Text (PDF)

Tell el-Farkha (Ghazala), 2008

Author: Marek Chłodnicki, Krzysztof M. Ciałowicz
Full Text (PDF)

Gold from Tell el-Farkha. Conservation project at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Author: Anna Longa, Władysław Weker
Full Text (PDF)

Tell el-Murra (Northeastern Nile Delta Survey), season 2008

Author: Mariusz A. Jucha, Artur Buszek
Full Text (PDF)

Saqqara 2008: inscribed material

Author: Kamil O. Kuraszkiewicz
Full Text (PDF)

Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari, season 2007/2008

Author: Zbigniew E. Szafrański
Full Text (PDF)

Building dipinti in the Temple of Hatshepsut. Documentation work, season 2007/2008

Author: Dawid F. Wieczorek
Full Text (PDF)

Temple of Hatshepsut: Pottery from excavations in the Royal Mortuary Cult Complex, seasons 2004–2008

Author: Ewa Czyżewska
Full Text (PDF)

Archaeological research in the Hermitage in Tomb 1152 in Sheikh Abd el-Gurna (West Thebes)

Author: Tomasz Górecki
Full Text (PDF)

Dakhleh Oasis Project. Petroglyph Unit, Rock Art Research, 2008

Author: Ewa Kuciewicz, Michał Kobusiewicz
Full Text (PDF)

The 12 nummia coin from Old Dongola

Author: Barbara Lichocka
Full Text (PDF)

Banganarti and Selib: Two field seasons in 2008

Author: Bogdan T. Żurawski
Full Text (PDF)

Inscription with liturgical hymn from the Lower Church in Banganarti

Author: Agata Deptuła
Full Text (PDF)

Banganarti fortifications in the 2008 season

Author: Mariusz Drzewiecki
Full Text (PDF)

Nea Paphos: season 2008

Author: Henryk Meyza
Full Text (PDF)

Eshmoun Valley: Preliminary report after the third season of the Polish-Lebanese survey

Author: Krzysztof Jakubiak
Full Text (PDF)

Tell Arbid: Adam Mickiewicz University excavations in Sector P, spring season of 2008

Author: Rafał Koliński
Full Text (PDF)

Tell Qaramel: excavations 2008

Author: Ryszard F. Mazurowski
Full Text (PDF)

Entre la Iie et Iiie Cataracte: Sedeinga, une Étape sur la rive occidentale du Nil

Author: Catherine Berger-el Naggar
Full Text (PDF)

Food and funerals. Sustaining the dead for eternity

Author: Salima Ikram
Full Text (PDF)

Symbolic faunal remains from graves in Tell el-Farkha (Egypt)

Author: Renata Abłamowicz
Full Text (PDF)

The necropolis at Tell Edfu: an overview

Author: Joanna Aksamit
Full Text (PDF)

Third Intermediate Period cemetery in the Hatshepsut temple at Deir el-Bahari. Recent research

Author: Mirosław Barwik
Full Text (PDF)

Enigmatic building from Tell el-Farkha. Preliminary study

Author: Krzysztof M. Ciałowicz
Full Text (PDF)

Funerary textiles from the medieval cemetery of Naqlun

Author: Barbara Czaja-Szewczak
Full Text (PDF)

Graeco-Roman town and necropolis in Marina el-Alamein

Author: Wiktor Andrzej Daszewski
Full Text (PDF)

Political and economic transformation as reflected by burial rites observed in the Protodynastic part of the cemetery in Tell el-Farkha

Author: Joanna Dębowska-Ludwin
Full Text (PDF)

In the shade of the Nekloni Monastery (Deir Malak Gubrail, Fayum)

Author: Włodzimierz Godlewski
Full Text (PDF)

Remarks on the typology of Islamic graves from the cemeteries on Kom el-Dikka in Alexandria

Author: Emanuela Kulicka
Full Text (PDF)

Beads and warriors. The cemetery at Hagar el-Beida 2 (Sudan)

Author: Anna Longa
Full Text (PDF)

Mats and baskets from cemetery A at Naqlun in Fayum Oasis

Author: Anetta Łyżwa-Piber
Full Text (PDF)

Tomb building tradition in Lower Nubia from the Meroitic age to after Christianization

Author: Artur Obłuski
Full Text (PDF)

Animal remains in post-Meroitic burials in Sudan

Author: Marta Osypińska
Full Text (PDF)

Cemetery A in Naqlun: anthropological structure of the burials

Author: Karol Piasecki
Full Text (PDF)

Ornaments on funerary stelae of the 9th–12th centuries from Egypt — Josef Strzygowski’s publication anew

Author: Małgorzata Redlak
Full Text (PDF)

Non Omnis Moriar. Reflection on “rite de passage” in the Old Kingdom

Author: Teodozja I. Rzeuska
Full Text (PDF)

Burials in the complex of the Great Amir Qurqumas (No. 162) in Cairo’s “Northern Necropolis”

Author: Maciej G. Witkowski
Full Text (PDF)

Burial customs at Tell Arbid (Syria) in the Middle Bronze Age. Cultural interrelations with the Nile Delta and the Levant

Author: Zuzanna Wygnańska
Full Text (PDF)

Gifts for the afterlife: Evidence of mortuary practices from the necropolis in Marina el-Alamein

Author: Iwona Zych
Full Text (PDF)