PAM 23/2


  • Volume XXIII/2: Special Studies: Beyond Ornamentation. Jewelry as an Aspect of Material Culture in the Ancient Near East (Warsaw 2014)

    PAM Editor-in-chief: Iwona Zych

    Scientific editors: Amir Golani, Zuzanna Wygnańska

    1234–5415 (Print), 2083–537X (Online)
    326 (B&W and color illustrations)
    Beads from a Mitanni grave at Tell Arbid, Syria (photo J. Wierzbicki)

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Author: Amir Golani, Zuzanna Wygnańska
Full Text (PDF)

The bead workshop at site MPS4, Mil Plain, Azerbaijan: Craft specialization and the manufacture of shell jewelry in the Neolithic

Author: Ilia Heit
Full Text (PDF)

A Badarian–Naqadian cognitive link? A possible insight on the basis of a Badarian hippopotamus-shaped pendant from Egypt

Author: Maarten Horn
Full Text (PDF)

Cowrie shells and their imitations as ornamental amulets in Egypt and the Near East

Author: Amir Golani
Full Text (PDF)

Tracing the “diadem wearers”: an inquiry into the meaning of simple-form head adornments from the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age in the Near East

Author: Zuzanna Wygnańska
Full Text (PDF)

Amulets? On the possible function of zoomorphic pendants from child burials in Tell Rad Shaqrah (Syria)

Author: Dariusz Szeląg
Full Text (PDF)

Jewelery manufacture in the Kura-Araxes and Bedeni cultures of the southern Caucasus: analogies and distinctions for the reconstruction of a cultural changeover

Author: Eleonora Carminati
Full Text (PDF)

West Anatolian beads and pins in the 2nd millennium BC: some remarks on function and distribution in comparison with neighboring regions

Author: Magda Pieniążek, Ekin Kozal
Full Text (PDF)

Beads, pendants and other ornaments from late 3rd–2nd millennium BC occupation on Failaka, Kuwait

Author: Ann Andersson
Full Text (PDF)

Vitreous beads from the Uluburun shipwreck

Author: Rebecca S. Ingram
Full Text (PDF)

Personaldisplay in the southern Levant and the question of Philistine cultural origins

Author: Josephine Verduci
Full Text (PDF)

Revealed by their jewelry: ethnic identity of israelites during the Iron Age in the southern Levant

Author: Amir Golani
Full Text (PDF)

Personal ornaments at Hasanlu, Iran

Author: Megan Cifarelli
Full Text (PDF)