Another book on Old Dongola published by Peeters

Peeters Publishers has published the second part of “Old Dongola: Development, Heritage, Archaeology. Fieldwork in 2018–2019″. It is the sixth volume of the series “Polish Publications in Mediterranean Archaeology”. Like all the other titles in the series, the book has been published in open access.

The volume presents the archaeological finds from the fieldwork of the project ‘UMMA: Urban Metamorphosis of the Community of a Medieval African Capital City” headed by Dr Artur Obłuski under a European Research Council (ERC) grant. The work in Old Dongola was also supported by a Ministry of Education and Science grant under the DIALOG program and by the Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project.

Chapters on different categories of finds are authored by members of the expedition funded by the ERC UMMA grant, including many staff members of the PCMA UW. The volume discusses ceramics (Anna Wodzińska, Katarzyna Danys), smoking pipes (Katarzyna Danys, Maciej Wyżgoł), basketry and cordage (Magdalena Warowna), leatherwork and woodwork (Angela Cervi) and various personal ornaments (Joanna Then-Obłuska). The results of these studies have been put in context of the households, domestic spaces and everyday life of the city’s inhabitants by the volume editors, Artur Obłuski and Dorota Dzierzbicka.

Cover photo: Mateusz Rekłajtis

See also Volume 1: Old Dongola: Development, Heritage, Archaeology. Fieldwork in 2018–2019.

Peeters Publishing House has a long tradition of publishing high-quality scientific literature in the fields of Egyptology and archaeology, among others. The Polish Publications in Mediterranean Archaeology (PPMA) series, established in 2020, serves to present the research carried out by PCMA UW and its partners.

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The open-access publication was made possible with support from the Ministry of Education and Science under the “Excellent Science” program.