The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw issues publications presenting the results of its excavation and conservation projects. Fieldwork reports appear in the journal Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean, while comprehensive studies are published in monographic series. Manuscripts accepted for publication by members of the Editorial Committee and/or international Editorial Board are subject to review by independent reviewers.

PAM Monograph Series comprises in-depth studies of both contemporary and archival fieldwork carried out by PCMA expeditions. It is published and distributed for the PCMA by the University of Warsaw Press. The series was established in 2006, initially under the title of PAM Supplement Series.

PCMA Excavation Series, initiated in 2011, is a book series presenting excavation reports from sites studied by PCMA missions. It comprises both final and intermediate reports on archaeological and other fieldwork conducted at the site. This can include conservation and site presentation projects as well as the results of auxiliary research: topographical, geophysical, archaeozoological and archaeobotanical, etc.

Some reports on research conducted under PCMA’s auspices are published as joint series in cooperation with partner institutions, such as the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, Polish Academy of Sciences ot the Kuwaiti National Council of Culture Arts and Letters. Others are also published by partner institutions or by individual researchers.

Studia Palmyreńskie: in 1966–2013 a journal presenting the archaeology of Palmyra (Syria), the city and the region. In 2014 transformed into a monographic series on the same subject.

PCMA Archaeological Guides are concise, richly-illustrated overviews of the history and material culture of chosen sites, based on up-to-date research. They will satisfy the needs of students who look for a scholarly, yet user-friendly introduction to the site and its background and for enthusiasts of the history and archaeology of the region. Travelers planning a journey off the beaten track will find it a first-rate (and often the only available) source of information on the historical monuments they are planning to visit. The series was established in 2013.

The PCMA also publishes Miscellanea, comprising occasional scholarly publications connected with PCMA research, such as jubilee volumes, exhibition catalogues, etc. and Popular publications – books and booklets – popularizing PCMA research.