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The PCMA issues media releases on current activities and events related to the work of our archaeological missions. We are happy to answer media enquiries, interview requests and help with your research.

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Press releases:

2024-02-12 Prehistoric and metallurgical sites in northern Oman surveyed by PCMA UW
2024-02-05 PCMA UW expedition’s discovery nominated for the MocArty 2023 award

2023-12-29 Buddha from Berenike among the most exciting discoveries of 2023
2023-12-04 Discovery of wall paintings at Old Dongola in Top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2023
2023-10-18 A rare medieval tattoo from Ghazali, Sudan
2023-10-17 New discoveries in the Roman fort in Gonio-Apsaros (Georgia)
2023-04-05 New discoveries in Old Dongola. Protection for Tungul: new, unique wall paintings discovered in Old Dongola, Sudan
2023-02-27 Hieroglyphs discovered in Old Dongola, Sudan
2023-02-21 Old Dongola: ALIPH Foundation funds new PCMA UW project to revitalize the oldest mosque in Sudan
2023-02-09 Deir el-Bahari: opening at the Temple of Hatshepsut in Deir el-Bahari and the Tomb of Meru in North Asasif
2023-01-31 ERC consolidator grant for Artur Obłuski and PCMA UW

2022-11-25 Armenia: Latest discoveries from Metsamor exhibited in Yerevan
2022-11-08 Bahra 1: Kuwaiti-Polish archaeologists back at Bahra 1 in the Al-Subiyah desert
2022-11-08 Discoveries in Gonio (Georgia): a Roman winepress
2022-05-16 Discoveries in Berenike: tomb of the elite with accessories
2022-05-09 Saqqara: Discovery of a royal officials tomb
2022-01-04 Qumayrah Valley in Oman. Ancient towers, copper trade and games

2021-12-27 Soba: Medieval gardens and full storerooms of a captial city in Sudan
2021-01-25 Deir el-Bahari. Extraordinary discovery under the Temple of Hatshepsut
2021-10-08 Paphos. Establishment of PCMA UW Research Centre in Cyprus
2021-09-17 Tyre. Discovery of a new Roman Temple in the Phoenician port in Lebanon
2021-05-26 Dongola. Cathedral of Dongola: new discoveries in Sudan

2020-10-25 Cairo. Egyptian antiquities ministers receive Orders of Merit at Polish embassy
2020-10-15 Nea Paphos. 55 years of Polish excavations in Paphos and the beginning of a new project
2020-09-14 Ghazali-Warsaw. Virtual Nubia: visit a medieval monastery on your screen
2020-09-10 Berenike-Warsaw. Roman port, Indian monkeys, and bones in 3D
2020-09-03 Warsaw. Exhibition marking 100 years of archaeology at the University of Warsaw
2020-09-02 Warsaw. Visit of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities of the Arab Republic of Egypt
2020-02-25 Soba, Sudan. Results of the first season of work in a Nubian capital city
2020-02-15 Dongola, Sudan. Archaeologists to train tourist guides
2020-02-10 Dongola, Sudan. Open Day draws crowds of visitors

2019-12-01 Cairo. Exhibition on the 60th anniversary of the PCMA Research Centre in Cairo
2019-07-19 Alexandria. New Roman mosaic discovered at Kom el-Dikka
2019-07-05 Warsaw. The first workshop of the UMMA Project
2019-04-25 Failaka, Kuwait. A mosque discovered on the Arabian Gulf island
2019-01-15 Warsaw. New labs at the PCMA

2018-12-31 Rock art as theme of the 2nd PCMA-Ifao Post-doc
2018-11-07 Bahra 1, Kuwait. Temple from the 6th millenium BC
2018-09-04 Warsaw. Award for exhibition on Saqqara
2018-02-27 Khartoum. Polish Archaeological Unit is now open

2017-12-09 Deir el-Bahari. Opening at Temple of Hatshepsut
2017-12-08 Warsaw. Exhibition-The vizier’s house of eternity
2017-08-11 Warsaw-Brusseles. ERC Starting Grant for Artur Obluski
2017-07-03 Warsaw. Red Sea VIII conference – incense, beads and Indian steel
2017-05-25 Warsaw-Cairo. New logo of the PCMA
2017-05-24 Warsaw. Archaeological conference Poles in the Near East
2017-04-21 Paris. Exhibition at UNESCO

2016-11-16 Kuwait. Exhibition and Bene Merito awards
2016-09-21 Beirut. Opening of exhibition on 20 years of PCMA research in Lebanon
2016-05-18 Palmyra. PCMA team back in Palmyra
2016-04-20 Warsaw-Palmyra. What next for Palmyra
2016-04-18 Warsaw. Press conference on Palmyra

2015-10-21 Cairo. Bene Merito distinction for Z.E. Szafrański