For the media

The PCMA issues media releases on current activities and events related to the work of our archaeological missions. We are happy to answer media enquiries, interview requests and help with your research.

Agnieszka Szymczak
e-mail: agnieszka.szymczak(at)
2nd floor, room 215
Nowy Świat 4 street, 00-497 Warsaw
ph (+48) 22 553 13 10
fax (+48) 22 628 45 23

Press releases:

2018-09-04 Warsaw. Award for exhibition on Saqqara
2018-02-27 Khartoum. Polish Archaeological Unit is now open
2017-12-09 Deir el-Bahari. Opening at Temple of Hatshepsut
2017-12-08 Warsaw. Exhibition-The vizier’s house of eternity
2017-08-11 Warsaw-Brusseles. ERC Starting Grant for Artur Obluski
2017-07-03 Warsaw. Red Sea VIII conference – incense, beads and Indian steel
2017-05-25 Warsaw-Cairo. New logo of the PCMA
2017-05-24 Warsaw. Archaeological conference Poles in the Near East
2017-04-21 Paris. Exhibition at UNESCO
2016-11-16 Kuwait. Exhibition and Bene Merito awards
2016-09-21 Beirut. Opening of exhibition on 20 years of PCMA research in Lebanon
2016-05-18 Palmyra. PCMA team back in Palmyra
2016-04-20 Warsaw-Palmyra. What next for Palmyra
2016-04-18 Warsaw. Press conference on Palmyra
2015-10-21 Cairo. Bene Merito distinction for Z.E. Szafrański