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The editorial process

The Editorial Committee oversees the selection of texts for publication in the PCMA UW publishing series. Manuscripts that receive at least one recommendation from a member of the Editorial Committee are sent for further processing. (Information on submitting manuscripts to the annual journal Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean is available on the PAM‘s website).

Qualified manuscripts are reviewed according to the editorial procedure, which involves up to three reviews by designated experts. The author provides a list of proposed external reviewers, and has the right to report possible conflict of interests. The Editor reserves the right to make the final selection of reviewers. The reviews are paid and are done in the open review system, which means that authors and reviewers know each other’s names.

Reviewers receive the manuscript and additional materials appropriately prepared by the editors. The reviewer must declare the lack of a conflict of interests. The review consists of a written expression of opinion on a review form. The opinion does not need to be long and does not have to include a full description of the work. Detailed comments from the reviewer should be provided in writing, either as comments in the manuscript file or as a separate memo.

After the review process is completed, the materials are subjected to linguistic and stylistic correction by the editors, as well as a technical assessment in terms of standards accepted in PCMA UW publications.

Questions to the editors should be sent to: pam.pcma(at)

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