Objectives and research clusters

PCMA projects are conducted within research clusters, the themes of which result from scientific interests of PCMA staff on th eone hand, and reflect the historical directions of PCMA research, as initiated in 1959 by the Research Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology in Cairo.

  • Society and economy in the Nile Valley (Egypt and Nubia) in late antiquity and medieval times
  • Interactions of great civilizations – environment, urban processes and society from prehistory to medieval times in the Near East, northeastern Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean: prehistory, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages, Pharaonic Egypt, Classical world
  • Trade on the ancient maritime routes: ports and their hinterland, economic exchange
  • Archaeology of death – man, architecture, funerary rituals
  • Production and distribution of ceramics in the Eastern Mediterranean from the Bronze Age to medieval times
  • Material culture and its users: technological issues, cultural, social and economic models
  • Cultural heritage management, archaeological site and artifact presentation methods
  • Archaeological documentation and interpretation — digital humanities, modern techniques
  • Heritage of Polish Mediterranean archaeology