Gebel Ramlah: A Kazimierz Michałowski Memorial Lecture by Prof. Jacek Kabaciński

The PCMA UW Research Centre in Cairo invites to a lecture by Prof. Jacek Kabaciński “Gebel Ramlah. Hunter-gatherers and pastoralists on the Egyptian Western Desert”. It will be part of the Kazimierz Michałowski Memorial Lecture series.

The Kazimierz Michałowski Memorial Lecture Series (KaMMeL) is organized by the PCMA Research Centre in Cairo to commemorate the life of Kazimierz Michałowski, a pioneer of Polish archaeological research in Egypt and the founder of Polish Mediterranean archaeology.

Abstract: “The first traces of human occupation in the Gebel Ramlah area were discovered by the Combined Prehistoric Expedition in 2000. Since that time an intensive interdisciplinary research was carried out around fossil lakes that attracted people during humid climatic oscillations. The earliest evidence of human presence are dated to ca. 130 000 years ago and are related with Archaic Homo Sapiens and the last interglacial. The second intensive presence of people relates to the last Green Sahara Period, namely with the Early and Middle Holocene. At that time various hunter-gatherer and pastoral groups inhabited the Gebel Ramlah area. The remains of their presence contain numerous burials and cemeteries, hunting camps and stable settlements as well as a unique ceremonial center at the top of the Gebel. The lecture will present the history of research, its main results and prospects for the future investigations.”

Prof. Jacek Kabaciński (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznań) – his research interests are related to two areas, the European Lowlands and Northeastern Africa, and concern the cultural development of hunter-gatherer and early agricultural/pastoral communities. In his research on the Northeastern Africa, Prof. Kabacinski focuses on funerary rites and settlement of hunter-gatherer pastoral communities of the Egyptian Western Desert. He also studies flint tools production of the Predynastic and Early Dynastic periods in the area of the Nile Delta and Nile Valley and flintwork of Mesolithic and Neolithic groups of Sudan.

  • Sunday, 8th January 2023, at 6 pm (EET)

The lecture will be held in hybrid form, at the PCMA UW Research Centre in Cairo, 11 Mahalla st., Heliopolis, Cairo and online.

Please, write to to attend in person and to obtain a link.