RC in Sudan tasks

Every year several expeditions from the PCMA UW and other scholarly institutes in Poland – altogether about 100 team members – work on excavating and surveying archaeological sites in Sudan. The PCMA UW Research Centre in Sudan will support their work, both in organizational and scientific terms.

The tasks of the PCMA UW Research Centre in Sudan:
  • Conducting archaeological research in Sudan, especially in the field of archaeology
  • Providing logistic assistance for Polish scientific expeditions working in Sudan, especially of University of Warsaw expeditions
  • Administrative support for Polish scientific expeditions working in Sudan in liaising with the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM) and the Ministry of Interior
  • Offering support for the staff of the NCAM and other heritage and culture related agencies in capacity building, site presentation projects, archaeological research management by launching common projects, training and mutual study visits
  • Popularizing the results of Polish archaeological research in Sudan: exhibitions, lectures, film screenings, study tours of sites excavated by PCMA UW archaeological teams, media relations
  • Strengthening ties of cooperation with other foreign archaeological expeditions working in Sudan.