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  • Studia Palmyreńskie 12 accessible online

    Articles from the latest issue of our journal Studia Palmyreńskie, volume 12 are now available online. The 24 articles by leading specialists in the history, archaeology and epigraphy of Palmyra can be accessed via the Central and Eastern European Online Library C.E.E.O.L. Papers from the previous volume, Studia Palmyreńskie 12, can be downloaded from our […]

  • PCMA Archaeological Guides

    Our new, popular book series has been created with a view to present major archaeological sites excavated by PCMA missions that are of interest not only to scholars but also to non-archaeologists with a passion for history and discovery. The PCMA Archaeological Guides will be concise, richly-illustrated overviews of the history and material culture of […]

  • Latest edition of Studia Palmyreńskie

    Studia Palmyreńskie is a periodical presenting the results of research on various aspects of the art, material culture, architecture and archaeology of Palmyra, carried out since 1959 within the framework of archaeological excavations run under the auspices of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw. Eleven volumes have been published since […]

  • Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 22 available now

    The latest, 22nd volume of the Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean (PAM) journal brings reports on field excavations and conservation projects carried out by teams from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw (PCMA UW). The reports section encompasses 32 articles predominantly covering the results of the 2010 season of work […]

  • PAM journal scores more points

    For the second time our journal Polish Archaeology on the Mediterranean has been evaluated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. According to this year’s list of scientific journals (List B, position 1595) publication of an article in PAM brings its author 7 points. We are therefore happy to invite all authors wishing to […]

  • Tell Qaramel 1999–2007

    We are happy to announce the publication of the second volume in the PCMA Excavation Series: Ryszard F. Mazurowski and Youssef Kanjou (eds), Tell Qaramel 1999–2007. Protoneolithic and Early Pre-pottery Neolithic Settlement in Northern Syria / Un village protonéolithique et préceramique en Syrie du Nord [=PCMA Excavation Series 2], Warsaw: PCMA, 2012 The Proto-Neolithic and […]

  • Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean accessible through C.E.E.O.L.

    The latest issue of PAM 21 (Research 2009) is now available via the Central and East European Online Library. C.E.E.O.L. is an online archive which provides access to full text PDF articles from almost a thousand humanities and social science journals and re-digitized documents pertaining to Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European topics or published in […]

  • Fresh volume of Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean

    The latest volume of the annual of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw, Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 21 (Research 2009) contains almost 50 articles, including 39 reports from 18 sites studied by PCMA missions in the 2009 season. The reported archaeological and conservation projects were carried out at sites in Egypt, […]

  • PAM XIX now available

    The 19th volume of Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean. Reports is now available. This issue presents the results of 23 archaeological and conservation fieldwork projects carried out by the PCMA in the 2007 season. Over 600 pages of reports in English, abundantly illustrated. The volume comes with a CD containing PDF files of all the […]

  • PAM online!

    All eighteen volumes of Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean, PCMA’s annual reports journal published regularly since 1989, are now available online. Free access is provided to all the reports and study articles that have been published in issues from I (1988-1989) to XVIII (2006), altogether about 500 items as pdf files, covering all fields of work […]

  • Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean – Call for papers

    Our journal Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean has made the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education list of evaluated Scientific Journals (4 points value). Even as work on the forthcoming issue of Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean (PAM 21, Research 2009) is nearing the printing stage, we have been preparing for the next two […]