Call for Papers: PAM 25/2 (Special Studies) – dedicated to research on the Red Sea and the Gulf

We are accepting submissions for the next issue of Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean, volume 25, a separate Special Studies volume dedicated to the Red Sea and the Gulf, which is to be published in time for the Red Sea 8 conference next year in Warsaw (publishing date 2016).
The volume will also carry papers presented at a seminar held in the PCMA Research Center in Cairo, ‘Imperial’ Berenike and its Antecedents on the Red Sea Coast and the conference: FROM THE RED SEA TO THE GULF. New directions in PCMA UW archaeological research held in Warsaw in 2013.
The submission deadline has been EXTENDED till 31 August 2016.
Taken together, the articles should make for an interesting volume, well suited to the research interests of scholars convening for the first time in Warsaw next year for a conference on the Red Sea 8 and its neighborhood.
PAM is a peer-reviewed journal. The style sheet with guidelines for preparing the texts can be downloaded from the journal website:
Inquiries, submissions and all correspondence should be addressed to