Latest publications

  • Call for Papers: PAM 29

    The editors of the annual Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean have announced a call for contributions to the next volume of the journal. As in the past few years, also PAM 29 will consist of two fascicles. The leading thematic fascicle will be dedicated to the study of Roman and Byzantine Pottery in the Levant, […]

  • Call for papers: Roman and Byzantine Pottery in the Levant

    We are calling for manuscripts for the thematic fascicle of our journal Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean devoted to Roman and Byzantine Pottery in the Levant. Research on Roman and Byzantine pottery in the Levant is gaining momentum with a growing number of researchers addressing typological and chronological questions concerning both common and fine wares. […]

  • New publication: Lampes antiques, byzantines et islamiques du Nil a l’Oronte

    We present the new PCMA publication, authored by Laurent Chrzanovski: “Lampes antiques, byzantines et islamiques du Nil a l’Oronte. La Collection Bouvier”. The Bouvier Collection presents a corpus of almost 800 clay oil lamps from Egypt and the Near East, collected by the Swiss Maurice Bouvier in Alexandria in the first half of the 20th […]

  • Tell Arbid – a new book by Anna Smogorzewska

    The ninth publication in the PAM Monograph Series is „Tell Arbid. House and Household in a Changing Town” authored by Anna Smogorzewska. At the core of community life, the house and household constitute a socio-economic unit that when analyzed in all its respective archaeological aspects — architecture, domestic features and cultural artifacts — can paint […]

  • PAM: deadline extension and new evaluation

    Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean editors are extending the deadline for paper submissions for the 28th volume of the journal until 31 August. On the latest list of scientific journals published by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, articles in the PAM journal received 70 points. The thematic fascicle of the issue will […]

  • Book on Dongola published in Open Access

    Book Dongola 2015–2016. Fieldwork, Conservation and Site Management is now available online. It has been published in PCMA Excavation Series, which also features a volume of reports from earlier seasons of work at the site. The royal city of Old Dongola was the political and economic center of Makuria, a medieval Christian kingdom in Nubia. The Polish Centre […]

  • New publication: Glass bead trade in Northeast Africa

    We present the tenth publication in the PCMA Monograph Series: Glass bead trade in Northeast Africa. The evidence from Meroitic and post-Meroitic Nubia. The volume is authored by Dr Joanna Then-Obłuska. Strings of colorful glass beads were a popular commodity traded throughout ancient Nubia in the earlier half of the first millennium AD. Combining macroscopic […]

  • The Monasteries and Monks of Nubia — a new book by Dr Artur Obłuski

    The monograph was published in the „Journal of Juristic Papyrology Supplement” series and is available in open access. Its aim is to present the material record of Nubian monasticism in a systematic manner and to conduct a comparative analysis of this phenomenon. This book also addresses several fundamental issues, e.g. the presence of various forms […]

  • Call for Papers: PAM 28

    The Editors of Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean are calling for papers for the 28th volume of the journal, which is to be published in 2019. It will include a thematic fascicle dedicatied to the subject of ancient lightning devices and related issues. The editors invite research articles on finds from a broadly understood Mediterranean […]

  • Articles in PAM given DOI numbers

    All recent articles in our annual journal Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean have been given DOI numbers. This is good news both for our authors and for our readers. The DOI numbers are unique digial object identifiers, which enable locating sources of electronic versions of pubications (see ). The DOI numbers have been attached […]