PAM Journal rating upped to 12 points

We are happy to announce that our annual Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean shot up in the ranking of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to 12 points from the earlier 7. PAM was first evaluated by the Ministry in 2012, with a rating of 4 points.

In the past three years we have introduced many changes. PAM articles are indexed in online databases (CEEOL and BazHum), they are also freely available online (PAM Journal). In the latest issues about 50 richly illustrated articles were printed annually, with the most recent electronic versions published in full color. The article’s availability online has resulted in a rising citations rate (according the Publish or Perish program, PAM currently has an h-index of 7).

Acclaimed Polish and international scholars are joining the ranks of PAM reviewers. By introducing a Studies section, the journal has been opened to research articles unconnected directly to the field investigations of PCMA missions, while launching a separate Special Studies fascicle enabled presentation of topically related articles circling around issues undertaken within PCMA projects.

We take this opportunity to repeat our call for papers for the 25 volume of PAM.