Book on Dongola published in Open Access

Book Dongola 2015–2016. Fieldwork, Conservation and Site Management is now available online. It has been published in PCMA Excavation Series, which also features a volume of reports from earlier seasons of work at the site.

The royal city of Old Dongola was the political and economic center of Makuria, a medieval Christian kingdom in Nubia. The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology University of Warsaw mission to Old Dongola has been excavating the Makurian capital for over 50 years. This volume is a comprehensive report on fieldwork and conservation conducted by a team led by Włodzimierz Godlewski.

The contributions report on the work of recent seasons and present in-depth studies on the site’s urban development, architecture and building techniques. The volume also includes results of the most recent specialized research on material brought to light during these and earlier campaigns. The discussed categories of finds include inscriptions, ostraka, pottery, animal bones, and textiles. The wealth of archaeological finds recovered on the site in the seasons under consideration contributes new data to studies on the history of Dongola, as well as the culture, art, architecture and economy of Makuria.

Włodzimierz Godlewski, Dorota Dzierzbicka and Adam Łajtar (eds), Dongola 2015–2016. Fieldwork, Conservation and Site Management, (=PCMA Excavation Series 5), Warsaw: PCMA, WUW, 2018

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