Gebelein I, The Speos

  • Daniel Takács, Gebelein I, The Speos, Warsaw, 2020

    Warsaw 2020
    ISBN 978-83-947612-1-9
    158 pages
    Hard cover

    A joint edition of the Department of Egyptology, Faculty of Oriental Studies UW, and the PCMA UW.

    This work is the publication of the documentation and analysis of the rock-cut chapel (speos) of Gebelein, in Egypt by the author and a team of the University of Warsaw. The sanctuary, which was originally built by Pharaoh Hatshepsut, went through various modifications in its lifetime and is presently in a greatly deteriorated state. Architectural details and traces of the original decoration program are reproduced and analyzed in this volume. A complex interpretation is offered for the presently visible offering scenes and their details in the chapel, as well as the religious and ideological role of the monument in Hatshepsut’s reign.

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