New book: Fortresses of Upper Nubia

A new book by Dr Mariusz Drzewiecki of the PCMA UW is now available in the University of Warsaw Press bookstore. It is a popular science book in Polish on conducting an archaeological project in Sudan.

The book presents the fascinating world of very diversified fortresses that were built over many centuries in the Upper Nubia region (today’s northern and central Sudan). However, it can be also read as a kind of “guide on archaeology”. Its informal narrative involves the reader into the every-day reality of the archaeologists, shows how they prepare for the research, and what kind of problems they have to face during their work. The book also raises some new research questions and encourages the readers to start their own adventure with archaeology.

It is the second volume in the PCMA Archaeological Guides series.

Mariusz Drzewiecki, Budowle obronne w Górnej Nubii na podstawie badań archeologicznych i etnologicznych / (Fortresses of Upper Nubia in the light of archaeological and ethnological researches; in Polish), Warsaw: University of Warsaw Press, PCMA UW, 2020