Polish Publications in Mediterranean Archaeology: a book series by Peeters Publishers

In 2020, the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw signed on with Peeters Publishers to produce a new book series. Polish Publications in Mediterranean Archaeology will showcase research spearheaded by the PCMA UW and conducted in association with its academic partners.

Peeters Publishers has a long tradition of dedication to high-quality publications of scholarly achievement in the fields of Egyptology and archaeology. The Polish Publications in Mediterranean Archaeology series will include contributions in these and related fields.

The new series is the latest element in the publishing strategy of the PCMA UW. The publisher’s standing and comprehensive international coverage of its publications will ensure a global academic reach for the results of PCMA UW research. At the same time, the already established series produced for the PCMA UW by the University of Warsaw Press will be continued.

The first volumes of the Polish Publications in Mediterranean Archaeology series are now in advanced stages of production and will become available throughout the year.

To see the forthcoming titles, see our Books section, or visit the website of Peeters Publishers.