Advanced Documentation Methods Lab

Advanced Documentation Methods Lab aims at ensuring an innovative approach towards the documentation of archaeological research conducted by the PCMA UW with the use of digital documentation methods and up-to-date instruments. It will also take care of the increasing amount of data and enhance interpretation capabilities, as well as apply modern methods of data presentation. The lab’s team will cooperate with PCMA UW archaeological expeditions on implementing these methods during fieldwork.

A special ceramological unit will concentrate on creating tools for the documentation and analysis of ceramic vessels by, among others, forming a reference collection and database of ancient pottery and modern clay samples from the PCMA UW region of interest.

Head of Lab:

Dr Piotr Zakrzewski

Digital archaeology section:

Dr Piotr Zakrzewski
Mgr Paweł Lech
room 10
ph (+48) 22 55 313 51


Mgr Marta Momot
room 11
ph (+48) 22 55 313 30

Ceramological unit:

Mgr Ewa Czyżewska-Zalewska
Dr Urszula Wicenciak
room 8
ph (+48) 22 55 313 31

69 Prosta st, 00-838 Warsaw
6th floor, room 10
ph (+48) 22 55 313 51

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