Archaeologists with diplomas from the Sudanese Community in Poland

On Saturday, October 21, 2023, the first Sudan Open Day was held in Warsaw. The Sudanese Community in Poland was the primary organizer of this event. During the ceremony, several Polish archaeologists were honored with diplomas, recognizing their extensive work in exploring Sudan’s heritage.

 Among the recipients were archaeologists from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw: Assoc. Prof. Artur Obłuski, director of research projects in Ghazali and Old Dongola, Dr. Mahmoud El-Tayeb, head of the PCMA UW Research Centre in Sudan and director of the Early Makuria Research Project, and Dr. Mariusz Drzewiecki, heading the Soba Expedition.

الجالية السودانية في بولندا – The Sudanese Community in Poland was created in 2022 to bring together the Sudanese and persons of Sudanese descent living in Poland. Co-organizers of the Sudan Open Day also included the Flying Bag Foundation and the Euro-African Foundation. The event’s program showcased Sudanese culture through films, culinary workshops, traditional music, crafts, and art.

An auction was conducted during the event to support the victims of the ongoing war in Sudan.