National Science Center grants Opus 22 and Sonata 17 for PCMA UW projects

We are happy to report the successes of our researchers: four employees of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw received grants in the recently announced Sonata 17 and Opus 22 competitions of the Polish National Science Center.


  • Dr Mariusz Gwiazda: “Cultural, demographic and biological profiles of post-Roman (4th-6th century CE) inhabitants of the port of Berenike (Egypt), based on non-invasive, excavation and bioarchaeological studies of two urban necropolises” (PLN 1 163 064)
  • Dr Emilia Smagur: “History from coins: the use and value of coins in the ancient Western Indian Ocean ports” (PLN 233 728)


  • Dr Francisco J. Núñez Calvo: “A holistic approach to ceramic production in Tyre from the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity. A diachronic and technological definition of a traditional economic activity” (PLN 816 715)
  • Dr Micaela Sinibaldi: “Frankish settlement in the Lordship of Transjordan. Society, economy and landscape during the Crusader period” (PLN 1 660 186)

In the Opus 22 competition, financing was also granted to a project linked to PCMA UW and University of Delaware excavations in Berenike. The project will be implemented under a consortium agreement.

Dr. Marta Osypinska (University of Wroclaw, Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences): “Non-humans in Berenike society. Archaeozoological data for a discourse on ancient identity and value”.

Congratulations to all!

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