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  • Database of Levantine marble artifacts available online

    A database of marble objects from the Levant region has been completed as part of the project “Marmora Bizantina: Identification of the origin of marbles and their use in secular and sacred spaces in the southern Levant during the Early Byzantine period (4th–7th centuries AD).” The project’s principal investigator is Dr. Mariusz Gwiazda from the […]

  • Mahmoud El-Tayeb, In Memoriam

    Writing a biographical note about Mahmoud is an impossible or at least, a rather futile task. Of course, one can describe his academic career as is usually done on such occasions. But that is exactly what I would call a futile attempt at doing him justice, because everyone who met Mahmoud knows that who he […]

  • Mahmoud El-Tayeb, (1957–2024)

    Professor El-Sheikh Mahmoud El-Tayeb was an archaeologist specializing in the archaeology of Sudan, with a particular focus on the Meroitic period (300 BC–350 AD) and the Makurian period (600–1400 AD). He was born in Gedaref, Sudan, and came to Poland in 1975 on a scholarship from the International Union of Students to begin his master’s […]

  • Two PCMA UW researchers named as outstanding young scientists

    Dr. Agata Deptuła and Dr. Emilia Smagur from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw have been awarded scholarships in the Minister of Science’s competition for outstanding young scientists. In this year’s edition of the competition, the Minister of Science awarded scholarships to 228 outstanding young scientists, representing 53 scientific and artistic disciplines. […]

  • Mahmoud El-Tayeb (1957–2024). A memory by Artur Obłuski

    I’m not quite sure how to begin. We often called each other “Ya shaab” in Sudanese, highlighting our youthful days and physical vigor. I’d call you “Ya sheikh,” and you’d greet me “Hello, mushroom.” I don’t know how to start a letter to the afterlife. Asking questions about the meaning of events that no one […]

  • Mahmoud El-Tayeb (1957–2024)

    With unspoken sadness, we share the news that Prof. Mahmoud El-Tayeb, our dear Friend, Colleague, and exceptional Person, passed away on June 12th. We still cannot bring ourselves to speak of Him in the past tense… We extend our heartfelt condolences to his Family and Loved Ones. The funeral will be held on Friday, June […]

  • Workshop on Bronze and Iron Age pottery in Northern Oman

    The Department of Middle East Studies PCMA UW holds a workshop: “Pottery in Archaeology. From archaeometric analysis to social aspects of Bronze and Iron Age Pottery in Northern Oman”. It is related to the PCMA UW project in the Qumayrah micro-region in the Hajar mountains of Northern Oman. This workshop focuses on the production and […]

  • PCMA Seminar: workshop on recent excavations at the Blemmyan Necropolis in Berenike

    The PCMA Seminar will host an online workshop titled: “Results of Recent Excavations at the Blemmyan Necropolis in Berenike (Egyptian Eastern Desert)”. Over the course of 11 presentations, the team led by Dr. Mariusz Gwiazda will share the findings from their latest research season. Abstract: “During the 2023 and 2024 excavation seasons in Berenike, extensive […]

  • Sonata 19 NCN grant for research on wall paintings from ‘Marea’/Philoxenite

    Among the winners of the National Science Centre (NCN) Sonata 19 competition is Dr. Julia Burdajewicz’s project “Wall painting and stucco decoration of the Lower Basilica at ‘Marea’/Philoxenite as a testimony of the decoration of Alexandrian churches. An iconographic, stylistic, and technical study.” She will carry out this project within the consortium of the Academy […]