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  • Session proposals: 15th International Conference for Nubian Studies

    The organizers of the 15th International Conference for Nubian Studies have issued the 2nd conference circular. It contains information on the conference fees and session proposals. Every four years the International Conference for Nubian Studies brings together archaeologists, epigraphists, historians, and other scholars working on the ancient and modern history of Sudan and Nubia. The […]

  • Funding from CRAC for PCMA UW researchers

    In the third edition of the Small Grants of the Center for Research on Ancient Civilizations of the University of Warsaw (CRAC), funding was awarded to nine projects. One of them was submitted by Dr. Michela Gaudiello of PCMA UW. Dr. Gaudiello’s application concerned funding for the publication of her article Mifsas Bahri: a Late […]

  • Another article in Open Access thanks to IDUB grant

    Dr Rober Mahler received a grant from the University of Warsaw program “Excellence Initiative – Research University” (IDUB). It will finance the Open Access option on his article in the journal “Archaeometry”. These grants are awarded for supporting publications in the open access model by University of Warsaw scholars and doctoral students. More information and […]

  • New directors of expeditions in Tell Arbid and Tell Qaramel

    The Scientific Board of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw approved the changes at the helm of two PCMA UW expeditions in Syria: in Tell Arbid and Tell Qaramel. Responsibility for the project at Tell Arbid was assumed by Assist. Prof. Anna Smogorzewska (Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw). She […]

  • Zdjęcie prezentacji webinarium Fushiya

    PCMA Seminar: Participatory approach in archaeology

    The latest “PCMA Seminar” features a presentation by Dr. Tomomi Fushiya (PCMA UW) who will talk on the subject of  “Participatory approach in practice”. Abstract: “Working with different communities is an important part of archaeological practice, especially when archaeologists work abroad. While it is certainly not new in archaeology, the development of collaborative archaeology in […]

  • Logo Sudan studies

    Registration is open for the “Sudan Studies Research Conference”

    Registration for the Sudan Studies Research Conference, which will be held at the National Museum in Warsaw on September 4, 2021, opened on July 1. Among the organizers of this year’s conference is the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw. The conference, initiated by Durham University Sudan & Egyptology Study Group, […]

  • Traditional pottery workshops in Sudan documented on film

    Traditional pottery workshops can be very informative for archaeologists working with pottery. This disappearing craft was documented as part of an archaeological expedition of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw working in Sudan. The footage is now available on the PCMA UW channel on You Tube. The “Pots Project” was […]

  • Scholarship of the Minister of Education and Science for Dr. Marcin Kotyl

    Today (23.06.2021) scholarships for outstanding young scientists were awarded at the Ministry of Education and Science. Among their recepients is Dr. Marcin Kotyl from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw. The scholarship is awarded to young scientists, i.e. persons without a doctoral degree or those who received a doctoral degree […]

  • PCMA scholar’s seminars: The House of Gold and Egyptian building techniques

    The next seminar held at the PCMA UW Research Centre in Cairo will feature presentations of two research projects by PCMA scholarship holders. Olga Ignatowska: “The House of Gold in the Amon’s – History and its importance in the New Kingdom” Abstract: The House of Gold was an institution related to the temple, where statues, […]

  • Anna Longa-Prager (1977–2021)

    We were saddened to learn of the death of Dr Anna Longa-Prager. As an archaeologist, she both excavated in Poland and cooperated with PCMA UW taking part in numerous seasons of fieldwork in Egypt and Sudan. She participated in excavations at Tell el-Farha, and in the works at the Temple of Hatshepsut in Deir el-Bahari, […]