PCMA Seminar: 2nd “Heritage Month” series

In the coming month, the PCMA Seminars will focus on collaborative archaeology and heritage studies. The second “Heritage Month” series focuses on methodologies through case studies from different social contexts.

The aim of the “Heritage Month” organized by Dr. Tomomi Fushiya (PCMA UW) is to introduce archaeologists and students to different approaches and practices of collaborative archaeology and heritage studies. With leading researchers and practitioners active in the Mediterranean and in Poland as guest speakers, the lecture series provides ideas about how community engagement can be designed, how collaboration with local communities enhances archaeological research, why it is important to think about the past from a local perspective, and why collaborative archaeology is so important today.

HERITAGE MONTH program (download as PDF):

  • Thursday, 6th October, 11:00 am CET
    Dr. Francesco Ripanti (Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin)
    From onlookers to devotees: Exploring dynamics of participation in Vignale, Italy
  • Thursday, 13th October, 11:00 am CET
    Dr. Fatma Keshk (Institut français d’archéologie orientale – Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
    Learning by doing: engaging with communities through heritage in Egypt
  • Thursday, 20st October, 11:00 am CET
    Dr. Patrycja Filipowicz (Adam Mickiewicz University)
    Community Archaeology in Rural Environments (CARE) project: reflections from Poland

The “Heritage Month” PCMA Seminars will be held on Zoom. To obtain links, please write to Dr. Tomomi Fushiya: t.fushiya@uw.edu.pl

See the 1st “Heritage Month” series.