Archaeo-Oriental Studies Seminar: “Archaeometric Research in Egypt”

At the next seminar by the Archaeo-Oriental Studies Research Group at the University of Warsaw, Dr. Anna Wodzińska, head of the PCMA Research Station in Cairo, will give a talk “Archaeometric Research in Egypt”.

Abstract: “Traditional archaeology is based on field research, documentation of the excavated finds and descritpion of their historical background. Although this provides us with abundant data, a modern approach allows for much more. Scientific analyzes – using chemical, physical, geological or biological methods – can extend the scope of research allowing not only to pose further research questions but also to obtain reliable answers.

Many researchers believe that specialized analyzes cannot be carried out in Egypt. However, this is not accurate, as I will try to demonstrate. I will list the analytical methods available in Egypt and I will indicate the proper procedures for using them, in accordance with the guidelines of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.”

The seminar will take place (in Polish) on Monday, 26th September, at 4 pm CET on Zoom:

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