Sonatina 4 grant for research at the PCMA UW

We are pleased to announce that a project funded with a newly-awarded National Science Center grant Sonatina 4 will be carried out at the PCMA UW.

The research project, directed by Dr. Kamila W. Nocoń, is entitled “Production and consumption of kitchen ware from the Paphos Agora Project excavations in Cyprus in the middle and late Roman period (3rd–7th century AD) against the background of political, economic and social changes”.

As can be read in the project description: “the aim of the project is a multi-faceted analysis of kitchen ware of the Middle and Late Roman Period (from the 3rd to the 7th century AD) from the excavations in the Nea Paphos Agora on Cyprus in 2011–2019 (a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site) and showing its production and consumption in the light of political, economic and social changes that have taken place in the city.”

Nea Paphos has been the subject of research by Polish archaeologists for over half a century. The expedition under the auspices of PCMA UW conducts archaeological and conservation work in the Maloutena area, where it discovered, among others, city villas richly decorated with high-class mosaics. In the last decade, research on the Paphos Agora has been conducted by a team from the Jagiellonian University under the supervision of Prof. E. Papuci-Władyka. Since 2019, Prof. Papuci-Władyka has been in charge of both projects.

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