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Aims and Scope

The archaeology of ancient civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean, including the Near East and northeastern Africa is at the core of the thematic and territorial scope of this academic journal. Recently, this has been stretched to cover the archaeology of Ethiopia and Tunisia, the Western Mediterranean, Arabia and the Gulf region, and Armenia, reflecting expanding Polish research in these regions. The “chronosphere” remains broad, from the Stone and Bronze Ages in the Near East to the rise of Islam in Africa in the 17th century.

The focus is on new research, which includes the newest field discoveries as well as thematic in-depth studies on selected issues of interest to the archaeological community at large. The journal also seeks to fill gaps in unpublished research, inviting articles that revisit old fieldwork still in need of study and presentation.

Papers on new documentation methodologies in field archaeology, conservation studies, and archaeological heritage management are also accepted if they are part of or derive from the archaeological presentations in the journal.

Our goal is to publish, with full research integrity and attention to detail, the results, and interpretation of extended field research, peer-reviewed, well-edited in English, and amply illustrated in full color.

Publication in the journal is free of charge and dedicated to all researchers with no restrictions except a nurtured scholarly interest in the past.

About PAM Journal

Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean (PAM) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal of over 30 years’ standing (the first issue appeared in 1990). The journal scope corresponds to its role as an academic journal associated with the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology.

From the start in 1990, it has presented, in English, the Polish contribution to Mediterranean archaeology, priding itself on bringing out current reports within a year or two of the fieldwork. Today it is all that and more. The PAM journal strives to be at the nexus of what was traditionally its mission— publishing the results of primary research in the field of archaeology and the related sciences—and a new approach designed to contextualize new and old research within world studies in the field. The latter comes in the form of thematic special volumes, co-edited by guest editors, international specialists in their respective fields.

Polish Mediterranean archaeology is no longer strictly Polish-made and neither is the journal limited to Polish authorship. Contributing authors reflect an international field of researchers studying past societies in the cradles of human civilization. This includes a growing presence of scholars from countries in Africa and the Near East where the research is based.

Journal: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean
ISSN 1234-5415
ISSN 2083-537X (Online)

Publishers: University of Warsaw: Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology and University of Warsaw Press (starting with volume 17)
Frequency: Annual
Discipline: Archaeology, conservation, and related
Chief Editor: Dorota Dzierzbicka, PhD

All volumes of PAM are online, available free from this website.

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