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  • Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean

    The scholarly journal Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean (PAM) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal of over 30 years’ standing.

    It appears annually, in English, presenting archaeological, geophysical, conservation & restoration fieldwork, as well as academic research, from a broadly considered Near East, including the Arabian Peninsula and the Caucasus, as well as northeastern and northern Africa.

    The chronological scope is very broad, from prehistory and protohistory through all the historic periods in the Near East and Northeastern Africa, broadly understood Greco-Roman civilizations in the southern and eastern parts of the Mediterranean, as well as early Christianity, including the medieval Nubian kingdoms in Africa, and the Islamic Age in all of the regions in question.

The scope of the Journal, both territorial and chronological, is a derivative of the original founding editorial policy, which was the presentation of the full extent of work done by researchers and specialists under the aegis of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology (PCMA), a research unit of the University of Warsaw established in 1959.

The journal continues to host publications of current research with an emphasis on new excavations, conducted by teams either from or associated with the PCMA, but since 2008 it has become more study-oriented in an effort to provide a platform for presenting original research deriving from the reported discoveries.

Since 2013 it has implemented a policy of publishing separate thematic fascicles (Beyond Ornamentation, PAM 23/2; Deir el-Bahari Studies, PAM 24/2; Research on the Red Sea, PAM 26/2; Deir el-Bahari Studies II, PAM 27/2).

Journal: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean
ISSN 1234-5415
ISSN 2083-537X (Online)
Publishers: Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw; University of Warsaw Press (since volume 17)
Discipline: Archaeology, conservation and related
Editor in Chief: Iwona Zych

All volumes of PAM are available online.

The journal is indexed in the Central and Eastern European Online Library (beginning with volume 17), Index Copernicus Journals Master List (beginning with volume 24: and BazHum .

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