Registration for 4eu+ students to general university course on archaeological documentation

Students from the University of Warsaw and other 4eu+ universities are invited to register for a general university subject taught by Dr Piotr Zakrzewski and Dr Paweł Lech of the PCMA UW. The second round of registration lasts from 2nd till 8th of October.

  • [EN] „Digitizing the past. Advanced methods for documenting the cultural heritage” – winter semester 2023/24, 30h, 3 ECTS, subject code: 4001-DIPAST-OG

Dr Piotr Zakrzewski
Dr Paweł Lech

Description of the course: The subject of the course is advanced documentation methods belonging to a relatively new and currently widely developed and popular specialisation among many researchers – digital archaeology. Digital archaeology generally involves the implementation of modern technologies and tools in field and laboratory research to increase the accuracy and quantity of information while speeding up data collection.

Link to the course in USOS.

Registration at the 4eu+ Student Platform: link.