Miniatura 7 grant for Dr. Patryk Chudzik

The National Science Centre of Poland has announced the fourth list of recepients of its Miniatura 7 grants. Dr. Patryk Chudzik from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw is among those awarded.

His project “Burial customs in ancient Egypt at the end of the Third millennium BCE. A case study of the Theban necropolis” is connected to Dr. Chudzik’s research on the tombs of Northern Asasif and at Deir el-Bahari. It involves a query in museum collections and archives on the subject of burial practices of the 11th Dynasty using the Theban necropolis as a case study.

Previous studies have focused on individual tombs rather than on the rites of the period as a whole; alternatively, they concentrated on the later phase of the Middle Kingdom. Dr. Chudzik’s query, enabled by the Miniatura 7 grant, will advance his ongoing work on the first comprehensive approach to the analysis of this issue.