Call for manuscripts: PAM special volume on marble in Late Antiquity

The editors of a planned special volume of the annual journal Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean (PAM) are calling for manuscripts on marble use, trade and distribution in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Late Antiquity. This volume is due to appear in 2023.

The main goal of the volume is to determine the importance of marble use in the eastern parts of the Late Antique Mediterranean world (4th–7th century AD). In the ancient world the definition of ‘marble’ was much broader, denoting a wide range of hard stones that could be polished. This precious sculptural and building material was not naturally available everywhere, so it had to be imported, sometimes even from very distant areas of the Mediterranean world.

The editors are Mariusz Gwiazda, Alessandro Poggio, and Dagmara Wielgosz-Rondolino. The deadline for submissions is 31st December 2022.

For detailed information see the Call for manuscripts (PDF).