Conference “Living in the house” – preliminary program and registration

The preliminary program has been announced of the conference “Living in the house: researching the domestic life in ancient Egypt and Sudan”. The conference is organized in Cairo by Dr. Fatma Keshk, the current Ifao-PCMA PostDoc fellow, on behalf of the Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale and the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw, Research Center in Cairo. The papers will focus on settlement archaeology in its multi- and interdisciplinary aspects in ancient Egypt and Sudan.

The conference will tackle research in settlement archaeology in Egypt and Sudan with a focus on the development of domestic architecture, the use of domestic spaces, the wide spectrums of domestic material culture and the patterns of change and continuity in settlement life through ethno-archaeological approaches. This conference aims to bring together researchers who are currently working on research themes related to the domestic life of ancient communities in ancient Egypt and Sudan, in order to share and discuss the latest developments in this field of research and communicate it to a wider scholarly audience.

Presented papers will not only cover a wide geographical and temporal range, but are expected to be interdisciplinary, highlighting the diverse methodologies and datasets that can be used to study the domestic life of ancient and historic communities in ancient Egypt and Sudan. By including both ancient Egypt and Sudan together, the meeting will allow scholars to reflect on (dis)similarities on continuities and traditions between these neighbouring countries.

The conference will take place from 27th till 30th November 2022. It will be held in hybrid form in Cairo and online.

See the Preliminary Program (PDF).

Attendance upon registration is available both in person (limited places) and online. Please fill out the linked form to attend: (link to Google form)