Funding from the Mentor Program for a study visit of Professor Martina Seifert

A University of Warsaw “Initiative for Excellence – Research University” (IDUB) grant was awarded to a project by Prof. Ewdoksia Papuci-Władyka, Dr. Łukasz Miszk and Paweł Lech of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology UW. They invited Professor Martina Seifert of the University of Hamburg for a study visit under the Mentor Program.

Prof. Seifert is in charge of geophysical prospection and archaeometry at the Department of Classical Archaeology at the University of Hamburg, and is also associate dean for international affairs at the UH Faculty of Humanities. At the PCMA UW she will be involved in consultations for the project “On the wings of revolution – the application of drone-based GPR in archaeological research”.

Read more about the IDUB grant policy.

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