Methods and Monks – bioarchaeological public engagement events in Khartoum

Over the last two weeks, as part of the National Geographic Society Exploration Grant funded project “The People of Ghazali: Tracing the Human Experience in a Nubian Desert Monastic Community (680–1275 CE)” Dr. Robert Stark conducted a series of public engagement events in Khartoum, Sudan. These public engagement events with students, Sudanese archaeologists, and community members were undertaken to share the results of bioarchaeological research conducted as part of PCMA UW excavations at the medieval Monastic site of Ghazali.

Events were held at the University of Khartoum, Al Neelain University, the House of Heritage, and the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums of Sudan (NCAM). As part of these events Dr. Stark also conducted a workshop focussing on the uses of isotope analyses and ancient DNA in bioarchaeological research, including the methods and sampling protocols behind these analytical approaches which can be used by researchers to help provide insights to diet, mobility, and biological background. Dr. Stark hopes to be able to provide additional workshop opportunities in the future.

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