Kudos for Dr. Mariusz Gwiazda

Dr. Mariusz Gwiazda of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology UW has received funding from two institutions: Dumbarton Oaks (Harvard University) and the University of Warsaw’s Center for Research on Ancient Civilizations (CRAC).

Dr. Gwiazda’ Dumbarton Oaks two-month summer fellowship will be based in Washington and is planned for June 2022. As part of his stay, he will conduct research on Marea (Egypt) in the context of urban transformations at the end of antiquity. Dumbarton Oaks is a research institute supporting Byzantine studies and is part of Harvard University. Through a fellowship program, the institute invites scholars from around the world for annual or summer stays to conduct their own research. For more information about the institution, see: www.doaks.org.

Funding from the fifth round of CRAC Small Grants was awarded to Dr. Gwiazda’s application to support the presentation and dissemination of the results of research by the Marea Archaeological Project at the Twelfth International Congress of Coptological Studies in Brussels. CRAC Small Grants are designed to support scholarly activity and dissemination of research findings in antiquity at the UW. Support is intended for activities that will measurably contribute to the improved quality of antiquity research and publications and the strengthening of the UW’s international contacts and international standing. Competitions are announced four times a year. For more information, visit www.crac.uw.edu.pl.

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