Book by Urszula Wicenciak-Núñez on pottery from Chhim from Peeters Publishers

Another volume in the Polish Publications in Mediterranean Archaeology series from Peeters Publishers is a monograph by Dr. Urszula Wicenciak-Núñez presenting the results of her research on pottery from Chhim (Lebanon). The book is now available in Open Access.

This monograph is the result of many seasons of research conducted by Dr. Wicenciak-Núñez on the ceramic material from excavations in Chhim (central Lebanon), presented here in the context of the cultural situation, traditions and history of the site and region. It is the first such a broad study (albeit based on selected categories of ceramic vessels), for rural central Phoenicia during the Classical and Late Antique periods.

Its diachronic perspective provides a better picture of the site’s transformation, beginning from the Late Bronze Age through the Hellenistic period, when Chhim had most likely been a local place of worship, to the Early Roman period and Late Antiquity, when a settlement was established around the sanctuary, growing over time into one of the largest centers of oil production known from the hinterland of Sidon.

The analysis of ceramic material also sheds light on the functioning of the ancient settlement at Chhim. Changes in the repertoire of pottery, such as the forms used, or the type of clay that can be traced to its place of origin, can be interpreted in terms of economic activity, diet, or the local population’s contacts with the outside world.

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This open-access publication was made possible with support from the Ministry of Education and Science program for “Internationalization of Research of the Archaeological Centres of the University of Warsaw in Egypt, Peru, Georgia and Montenegro” and thanks to a grant from the ‘Initiative of Excellence – Research University’ (IDUB).