Ifao-PCMA UW Fellowship awarded to Dr. Fatma Keshk

For the fourth time, PCMA UW Research Centre in Cairo and Institut français d’archéologie orientale awarded their joint Post-Doctoral Fellowship. The new Fellow is Dr. Fatma Keshk who will organize an interdisciplinary conference on houses and domestic life in ancient Egypt and Sudan.

Dr. Keshk, who is based in Cairo, is a graduate of Leiden University, with a PhD from the Free University of Berlin. Her previous research includes ethno-archaeological studies on streets and open courtyards from both modern Sudan and ancient Egyptian settlements.

– The planned conference will tackle research in settlement archaeology in Egypt and Sudan from multi- and inter-disciplinary angles, including in-situ archaeological remains, material culture and ethno-archaeological perspectives. – Explains Dr. Keshk. She adds that the theme of the conference, despite the increase of scholarly interest in recent years, is still rarely discussed in Cairo especially in its inter-disciplinary context.

The conference is planned for the Autumn of 2022. Following the conference, the Post-Doctoral Fellow will be charged with the edition of the proceedings and will take part in the scientific activities of IFAO and PCMA UW Research Centre in Cairo.