Courses for UW students by researchers from the PCMA UW

We would like to invite students of the University of Warsaw to register for general university courses taught by the staff of PCMA UW. You will be able to learn about the topics they deal with in the practice of their research work.

In the summer semester 2021/22 five courses will be taught, including one in English:

  • „Archaeology of ancient Ethiopia: the Aksumite culture and civilization”

Dr. Michela Gaudiello

Course description: „The course aims to describe the evolution of the Ethiopian studies and archaeology, mainly focusing on Ethiopia’s northernmost region (Tigray), where the powerful kingdom of Aksum rose and developed. An introduction will briefly outline the Greek-Roman accounts on ancient Ethiopia, the arrival of the first European travellers, and also the scholarly explanations of the first connections between the ancient Aksumite and South Arabian kingdoms. The core of the course is the development of the Aksumite polity (c. 400 BC–AD 850), starting with its predecessors, till its collapse and the advent of the ‘Solomonic dynasty’ in 1270 AD.

By studying previous and current archaeological projects, we will analyse the Aksumite material cultures, architecture, exchange and trade links, inter-influences with coeval powers and we will also try and shed some light on the cultural connections between the Aksumites, the South Arabians and the Kushites in the Middle Nile Valley.”

The course will be 30 hours long and is to be held in a mixed mode. You can already register for the course as a general university humanities course.

Link to the course in USOS. Link to token registration.