PCMA scholar’s seminar: The Autopsy, the Nil and the Romans… And Cinderella (?)

The PCMA UW Research Centre in Cairo organised another lecture of PCMA scholarship-holders. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the events remain closed to the public.

Łukasz Suski, The Autopsy, the Nil and the Romans… And Cinderella (?) – Egypt Shown in the Seventeenth Strabo’s Geography Book:


Strabo was an extraordinary thinker due to his colossal accomplishment (κολοσσουργία) – describing at that time the widely known ancient world. We can come across a huge amount of various reports concerning Egypt in the last, seventeenth book of Strabo’s Geography. The researchers of many branches (such as archeologists, botanists, egyptologists and philologists, of course) can, or even should involve in exploration, due to the multitude and variety of a thread included in this masterpiece.
During the seminar Łukasz focused on three main aspects – interpretative keys.

Firstly, the author focused on those passages in which Strabo shares his personal experience in Egypt. Secondly, he analysed Nil’s description submitted by a geographer. The last section is dedicated to the Starbo’s opinion about Rome’s role in Egypt.

To sum this academic research up many reflections about a passage XVII 1, 33 were undertaken. The section contains such a fascinating story, that reminds us broadly known fairytale – Cinderella.
A part of the polish translation of the 17th Geography Book was presented in this seminary.

The seminar was held on Thursday, 18th November 2021.

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