New directors of expeditions in Tell Arbid and Tell Qaramel

The Scientific Board of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw approved the changes at the helm of two PCMA UW expeditions in Syria: in Tell Arbid and Tell Qaramel.

Responsibility for the project at Tell Arbid was assumed by Assist. Prof. Anna Smogorzewska (Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw). She succeeded Prof. Piotr Bieliński who began excavations there in 1996 and directed them until 2010. Prof. Smogorzewska participated in the project as an archaeologist and specialist in ceramic material, with particular emphasis on the Ninevite 5 period. She is the author of a monograph and several articles on the results of research at the site.

The management of the Tell Qaramel expedition was entrusted to Dr. Marcin Białowarczuk (Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw). As a long-time participant in the research led by Prof. Ryszard Mazurowski, he co-authored a report on the excavations at the site in 1999-2007. Architectural observations made during the expedition served as material for his dissertation.

The changes result from the reaching of retirement age by the previous expedition heads. Research at both sites was suspended due to the political situation in Syria. The last fieldwork season took place there more than a decade ago (Tell Qaramel: 2011, Tell Arbid: 2010), and resuming fieldwork is currently impossible. Therefore, the main task of the new expedition directors will be to work on the archival documentation and on the publication of the results of the previous research.