PCMA Seminar: Participatory approach in archaeology

The latest “PCMA Seminar” features a presentation by Dr. Tomomi Fushiya (PCMA UW) who will talk on the subject of  “Participatory approach in practice”.

Abstract:Working with different communities is an important part of archaeological practice, especially when archaeologists work abroad. While it is certainly not new in archaeology, the development of collaborative archaeology in the last twenty years has resulted in self-critical discussions of previous approaches, and alternative methods have been suggested and tested. This talk summarizes the overall development of collaborative archaeology and introduces some case studies from the regions where PCMA UW project opperate, including lessons that the speaker learnt during her projects in Sudan.” 

See Dr. Tomomi Fushiya’s biographical note.

The seminar will be held on Thursday, 1 July at 11 am CET on Zoom.