Glass Bead Trade

  • Joanna Then-Obłuska with Barbara Wagner, Glass bead trade in Northeast Africa.The evidence from Meroitic and post-Meroitic Nubia (=PAM Monograph Series 10), Warszawa: PCMA, WUW, 2019

    Warsaw 2019
    ISBN 978-83-235-3899-8
    316 pages
    Soft cover with flaps

    By combining macroscopic and laboratory analyses of glass beads found at the Meroitic and late antique Nubian sites the study of bead types and glass groups used in their manufacture allows to confirm strong trade connections between Nubia and Mediterranean cultures. They bring evidence for circulation not only Egyptian but also Levantine glass in Northeast Africa as far as the region upstream the Sixth Cataract.

    Besides, the find of ready-made Sri Lankan/South Indian objects in late antique Nubian graves stimulates reflection on the extensive trade between the Nubia and the Red Sea coast. Eventually, the results provide the first evidence of the involvement of Nubia in the Asian maritime trade, whether directly or indirectly.

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