Dongola 3: The Wall Paintings

  • Małgorzata Martens-Czarnecka, The Wall Paintings from the Monastery on Kom H in Dongola, (=Nubia III, Dongola 3, PAM Monograph Series 3), Warsaw: PCMA, University of Warsaw Press, 2011

    Warsaw 2011
    ISBN 978-83-235-0923-3
    282 pages
    Soft cover
    Catalogue on DVD

    The volume is a complete publication of a set of 144 religious paintings from the 11th through the 13th–14th centuries discovered by Polish archaeologists in Dongola, the capital of the Christian Nubian kingdom of Makuria, which existed in the valley of the Middle Nile from the 6th through the 14th century. The murals come from the monastic enclosure on Kom H, from a church, but also from an ascetic monk’s cell turned chapel and two substantial architectural complexes of the Northwest and Southwest Annexes.

    The author discusses this religious painting assemblage in thematic order, presenting Biblical and apocryphal scenes taken from the Old and New Testament, representations of holy figures including archangels, angels and saints, images of Nubian church and royal dignitaries and figures of donors, that also appeared among the murals. Finally, she deals with compositions, like the unique prothesis and coronation scenes, as well as individual ornamental motifs.

    The catalogue takes a topographical approach, describing the paintings in detail and illustrating each item as richly as possible. A selection of perspective views of individual buildings, rooms and walls facilitates quick understanding of the painting decoration systems in the various monastery buildings and annexes, and gives grounds for evaluation of the state of preservation, artistic quality and iconography of particular

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